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2014-07-16 23:09:37 by soul101

Hey people of Newgrounds my name is Trey, and I haven't been posting lately because of school and my part time job. So i'm a guy with got damn afro. I'm artist, writer, and fun afro- headed person. I love doing art, drawing, sketching, painting, you name it. I like anime, i'm into horror movies, as well.  If you have any ideas of  It's good to be back here at Newgrounds, i love the art here, and the animation, plus games as well. 

I do like anime, my favorite are..

Tokyo Ghoul, Persona 4 (Golden) the animation, Fairy Tail, Highschool of the Dead, Code Geass, and Kill la Kill 

My favorite things to draw are.. 

Nature, horror, surrealism, music composition, some anime, maybe naked women (just kidding, maybe :3) and other things that interested me 

Personal Things

Music: Jazz, Hip- Pop, J- pop, techno, rock music like vampire weekend, cage the elephants, and my favorite Black Keys. But my favorite genre of music is Jazz. 

Activites/Hobbies: Chillen with friends, making art, walking and listening to music, painted ball, jogging, basketball, soccer, and skateboarding. 

So i hope we can get along, if you have any question about me or who i am, don't be afraid to asked. If you like to talk abour art or other things, just inbox i guess. Contact me at devianart and tumblr if you to checked out my art work or other things.



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