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Crazy Story 3

Posted by soul101 - July 17th, 2012

Welcome to another one of made up crazy story welcome back. So here the story of the day that I made up. So I'm going to do a story on how me and some friend go in trouble by a guy yelling at us for some stupid even though it was not of his got damn business. Like said if you people think this is true then its not its my made up crazy story. I think most people will relative to this if you ever get in trouble with other people you don't know alright let's begin.

Summer days, Summer Bordness, Summer Heart attack!!!!!
OK here summer story i like to tell. So it was me, Tyson and a guy we know who was good person let say his name was Dexter. So we bored, didn't have summer school or activity that most kid or teen does. So we decide we play a game called Splash backer. So basically a person who run and dodge the water balloon or snow ball or maybe stink bomb. That it work well with the game plus it's sort fun watching people throw up. I don't why people laughed at that dumb shit. But Anyway we play me and Dexter throwing water balloon at Tyson. Then when we hit him this overweight guy just started screaming at us. Like if you can pictured a fat guy screaming at like he acted like wild bear or a wild animals who have rabeies. For doing it so me and Tyson we went to the fat guy and and he had family a wife and 3 kids. But When we looked around we couldn't find are friend Dexter anywhere. He pulled the Bitch move yea if u know what that mean good if not then explain. By the way umm sorry for using the b word because i don't like using it and plus a lot girl get offensive that way and some do when they heard it or when someone said it to them. So the b move is when someone pussy out of trouble while there not getting trouble but someone is. You see our Friend Dexter is one of those holy kid who do the right thing. But there are also bad holy kids who do drugs, sex, or bad things. So This fat ass just yelled at us because we were sabotaging the school. Even thought we were throwing water balloon at each other and the school wasn't getting hit. So this he keeps screaming at us here what he said "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU GUYS THINKING THROWING WATER BALLOONS AT THE SCHOOL THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!!!. So my friend thinking you know what i had enough. So he does his he speak up and pushed the guy away. The fat ass gets angry and started hollering like a wrestler in the ring. So he pin my friend against the wall. He like trying to choked him. So i speak up and i said you know your bully you know we weren't doing anything bad we will just throwing water balloon at our friend. So how about yelled before thinking were doing something bad. So pulled him off of him he grabbed me and then punches me. Right before he almost punch me like he was close. His wife speak up finally she said "Phil let the kid go there telling the truth i mean the school not damage and they are innocent after all. So he let us go and then he told us. " If we do this again there will be hell to pay". Like he some jugde guy who decide if we go to jail what sucker and i hope he learned his lesson. I was about to kick him in the ballas and grabbed my friend and run like hell. So they leaved and his twin daughter look at us and grabbed us there numbers. Which was cool they said we were the one who stand up to there father since on one else did and not get beat down. We were close to get in trouble and we got to hot girl numbers. So we go to Tyson house and we see him on his door step. I was about to hit him like kicked his head like football. But he said sorry and buy us milkshake. Me and Tyson were thinking that we should tired him up and tired the rope to a bike. Ride down a hill with prickly grass for payback. So here my crazy story hope u like it and that's for listen.

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cool story bro