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Posted by soul101 - July 7th, 2012

welcome to another of my crazy made up stories so here i go anyway . OK so i have this friend who been my best friend for since elementary school when i was grade 0 kiddy grabe lets say. Until i moved away we reunioned in 4th grade i saw him at a video game which was called Game stop if u heard of it. And now here we are going into high school. So he told a story that actually happen to he want me to tell his story but make into one of my made up crazy story. Some of the thing happrn but the others thing are not true there made up He was sure about this so i'm going tell it and these story i'm telling are made up. But the dreams actually happen in my sleep i have crazy dream sometime.

A Night Time Nightmare
So me and friend we went to a high school at night time right. now we were going meet up with some other friend. Until this happen!! A kid who has weird looking pants and also had a weird rapist look. So we asked what was his name he started chasing us. We ran from him wondering who the fuck is this kid and why is he chasing us? But he did say" i'm gonna to kill u Tyson (that my friend name)." So we lost him and yet there crazy girl who chased us expect she had a bat with metal spikey weird around the bat. HOLY SHIT !!!!!!! That was scary as fuck. First a dude who look like rapist then crazy girl with dangerous bat. Then there were 10 more people were chasing us for no reason. I wonder if my friend did something to pissed them off. So we been corner and next got knocked out by something or some people. So i wake up tried to a pole and my friend is behind. So we wondering what the fuck is going. Then we heard this voice saying "Tyson I hate you and got u now u stupid prev." So basically the angry nerd mob boss (sorry for that word nerd i dont like using it) was pissed I mean she like volcano ready to exploded. So she hated him Tyson for breaking up with her crazy ass. So she wants apologize from him and sex so he agreed to that. Which i'm not surprise he the most prevented, sexually mother fucker u'll ever meet. But he does know how to get those girl number and crap like that. Anyway so he did and while he was banging crazy. I was being torture yea the angry mob well the angry nerd boss were dancing to Justin Beaver. My gosh i want to kill someone in here right now. If i heard another song about a teenage boy who sound like girl when he sing. I'm going Rambo snapping neck.
Anyway he was done and i was untried so we got to leaved and he got the girl number. But the strange part is that she not ready a nerdy person she want to to be a nerd so he can feel bad or something like that.Then after we walk they send dogs at us. We ran like cat i don't like pit bulls. I'm sorry i don't. So we lost them and got to our friend so we can have a good night finally.

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hahaha lol wow where do you get these ideas from? hahah nice story :D

like i said i have many great idea and weird one i though i should shared them

Great work man. Nice story.

Thanks im making another one right now checked it out when done in 10 minutes maybe 30 min