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Posted by soul101 - July 2nd, 2012

My patients is a Stalker
Welcome to another of my crazy made up story today so im going to tell you this because when i grow up im going to be an Art Therapy. A Art Therapy is person is helping people with there emotion problem. Also anger mangement and also problem they Can't stop doing. Plus they find created way to help someone to help with there emotion. Or maybe something else idk but that's what i'm going to be because i want to help people. Because i help my friend out with there problem and they said hey Trey thats my real name how about you be a therapy. I was young still am if count in teen years and i didn't know i want to do that then seen i like having with people problem. Also i like art and art class how about i do that. So i though maybe i can be an art therapy so lets begin the story anyway.

So i have this one patient name Haley she was crazy when i first met her like stalker crazy. So she told me she been stalking this boy name Jack pumpkin. I laughed shed said pumpkin like she sounded like a kid on Halloween. pumpkiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn! So she explain why she was stalking and even break up with new girl he was dating. Like he felled like he was cursed. Like she told me this one time that she blown a bubble gum into the girl hair and she was freaking out going crazy she slap 2 police men and also kick a celebrate in the ballas or let's say she did the nut cracker. hahahaha it was funny X3 i mean wow the story told me were wow. Love is a powerful like being crystal meth and punching a damn wall in the house and its fell on u. O that would kill damn!!!! Anway so i did i few exercised to help with her obessesion with this guy. She even kept and show me the used condom she put it in bag. Which funny too me. So anyway hahahahaha its still funny. "So ummmm hahahaha i'm sorry it's still funny to me hahahahaha damn". Anyway ummm so i help her like we kept working and working on not letting her stalked him and not obessed with him so we go to bar. She saw him then she didn't acted crazy or nothing she kept her clam and next she didn't do nothing to the girl he had with her. OK but when she got wasted next she slapped the chick out of her seat then kissed him next they go into the bathroom. I went in there next next thing i know there having bang! bang! So after waiting at that bar they come out it was 2:00 am she thank me and even he thank me. So now i'm basically did nothin but i bought someone together with someone that were madly in love. So now i help 2 people out i'm amazing am i so that's my crazy story for today. So i hope u like it. Well thanks for reading and i'll make more or followed me on twitter to hear my advice thanks u once again and i have newground account. i'll be posting some of my story on there to soo have a great weekend.

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haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaa omg what a storyy ^_^ pretty interesting hahaha
loved it

im glad i'm making more if u still want to see more ok ^^